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Person Centered Care

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There are many organizations in the world who recognize that real care of the sick does not begin with costly procedures but with simple gifts of affection, love and concern (Dalai Lama).

The American non profit organization Planetree has developed a program "Patient Centered Care" for health care centers to implement.

Fred Lee from Disney wrote a book: "If Disney ran your hospital" about his cultural insights as a hospital executive who became a Disney cast member.

The Leebov Golde group, developed the Language of Caring, training and coaching for physicians and staff.

And the Louise Batz Foundation developed a guide for patients to help them better communicate with their medical team. These are only a few examples of large organizations working hard to improve the well being of patients while in the hospital undergoing the necessary medical diagnostics and treatment.

Individual hospitals and clinics, such as the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic are also implementing and constantly improving their methods for delivering the highest level of patient centered care.

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